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Autumn in Hokkaido

Hokkaido, being in the northernmost of Japan's four main islands, is constantly covered by a blanket of coldness. The abundance of nature is clearly seen with the sprawling volcanoes, mountains, and national parks. When we went there, there was a stretch of the countryside view accompanied by a drizzle that had us tightening our winter clothes. The livelihood of Hokkaido might have centered around agriculture, but it also has its own industrial and commercial centre, as Sapporo is one of its cities that equally lures many tourists as the rest of its counterparts. The Odori park, is truly one for entertainment, with snow sculptures and endless food stalls adorning its wide expanse. It’s colorful and festive in every sense and filled with children’s glee as they go down the ice slides.  There’s also the Sapporo TV Tower which is home, not only to the iconic Sapporo beer but also to some stunning ski resorts in its outskirts. A permanent staple in their local menu includes the delect

My Time at the coastal paradise of Taiwan

Having been placed in the middle of the ocean, Taiwan’s culture- although diverse, still mostly leans towards conservative and traditional. The preservation of its history seen through every nook and cranny of the island is one of the reasons that compelled me to go back the second time around. The view of the coast, the distinct taste of its local food, and everything in between. There are a lot of interesting places to visit in Taiwan and our first stop was Taipei 101. The Taipei 101 is a super skyscraper in Taipei's commercial center that functions as a modern technological hub, a tourist attraction, and an office structure all at the same time. Standing at the observation deck, the scenery of minuscule modern buildings was a great contrast to the rest of Taiwan’s ancient structures. Other than the view on top, we also explored its mall and the marketplace houses a wide variety of goods-from designer products to different types of cuisine. Outside the mall, we stumbled into a fe

Vibrant Hong Kong

Despite it being my fifth time visiting Hong Kong, I have to say that I’ll probably never have enough of this glamorous place. At first glance, Hong Kong is a concrete jungle and a metropolitan paradise, but if you look closer, it’s also a melting pot of culture as the East and West clash together, tied by a booming economy. It’s like the one featured in fictional utopian movies.  One of the interesting places to visit in this country is Ocean Park Hong Kong. It’s known for its versatility because not only is it an amusement park, but it is also a marine park, an oceanarium, and an animal theme park all in one. If you’re a thrill-seeker, they have different kinds of rides that are sure to make your hair stand on ends. You’ve probably heard of  The Flash , it’s the kind of ride that would make your soul ascend earlier than intended.  While screaming at the top of my lungs as I ride on a monstrous contraption is ideal, I was also content with observing and fawning over the animals the pa

When in South Korea

With all of the hype the K-drama industry is getting, and rightfully so, South Korea should definitely be on every travel junkie’s bucket list. Here are some best places in Korea that we visited. The DMZ border. famous from the movie Crash Landing on You For K-drama fanatics or movie enthusiasts, you may have seen it once, twice, or more than your fingers can count. Nami Island is where characters fall in love and have nature and several strangers, as their witnesses- only to eventually break apart, wallow in the memories made in that place, and go back to Nami Island to reunite. It's a sappy narration, but that's the magic of Nami Island - it makes you endlessly, hopelessly, romantic.                   Personally, I think there’s no such thing as the ‘’best’’ time to visit this place because it doesn’t fall short on any of its four seasons- it’s equally stunning in all of them. But here’s a little travel hack for you, if you want to join in on lively and exciting festivals, y

50 Travel Quotes

 Since I post several travel photos and most of the time cannot think of a great caption, I always look for quotes. Its the safest and most interesting you can have. lol Wrapping up 50 of the new and inspiring quotes you can use as well. 1. Travel is the healthies addiction  

Bacolod, the city of Smiles

The City of Smiles! I had been to this place for a lot of times already and it keeps me coming back because of the people, the place and the food. Some of my favourites are napoleones, the original chicken inasal and anything in Calea (i gave a sweet tooth). Made friend with great people and the place has a lot to offer that there is always new when I come.  Below are the notable places that you would not want to miss. These are accessible and open to public.

Be Relaxed, Be Pampered at BE Resorts Bohol

Unwind, Relax at the Tranquil South Palms Resort

  I had this opportunity to visit several hotels in Bohol giving me a glimpse of what they can offer and what is unique with each of them. This is my 4th time in Bohol and it never fails to amaze me with their diverse attractions, resorts, natural wonders, historical pieces and most specially the people who are genuinely warm and hospitable.

Calinisan Resort Hotel - An Escape to the Lake

A 2.5-hours drive from Antipolo City without traffic or stop over brought us to this amazing place, Calinisan Resort Hotel. This is our first family getaway after we were all stucked up for several lockdown at different level. Also, our first out of town trip for the year to celebrate my husbands birthday. 

The List of Banned Instagram Hashtags from A-Z (2021)

What happens if I use a banned hashtag? If you use one of these hashtags, your post won’t be shown to your audience. The only way people will be able to see it is by visiting your profile, if you link it in your Stories, or if they happen to search for the banned hashtag and scroll through the results. If you use too many banned hashtags, Instagram could flag your account, which could eventually lead to a “shadowban” or even your account being removed. The best course of action here is to be better safe than sorry. Check your hashtags before you use them to make sure you are only using working, approved hashtags that will show your post to more users and potential followers – not the opposite.

Where to find freelance jobs

Since the start of lockdown around the world almost a year already, many people had lost their jobs while others resorted to freelancing and working from home.  Freelancing has been existing for more than 10 years but not really that hype until Covid-19 came into scenario.  For those starting to find the light elsewhere, maybe this list might help you to find the right opportunity for you. I listed some sites where you can search for job opportunites for freelancers and work from home set up.