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FIFA World Cup Fever, are we ready?

As the summer heat started to end in the Philippines, the FIFA world cup is just starting on the other side of the world BRAZIL. Recently, Filipinos are getting more involved in the football game with the AZKALS slowly dominating the Asian football games. But, are Filipino fans of  FIFA ready to watch it live in Brazil? I will give you some informations on how much does it cost to visit the vibrant city, including the visa requirements, and best places to visit in beetween games to maximize your trip. First of all, Brazil is a visa-free country for Filipinos. Meaning, a Philippine passort holder does not need to secure a visa when going to Brazil if he/she intended to stay in less than 90days. Second, how much is the airfare? This is the next question Filipinos will ask. On an average season, roundtrip airfare costs around US$2500-US$4000 and it usually goes up 50-100% on peak season or during festivals, and international events. Hmmm, very costly indeed. One more thing to keep i