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Parenting 101 - Immunization Schedule

Being a parent is a huge task. Ensuring your kids health is the top priority. So for parents out there, i would like to share the immunization schedule i have with me, (through the baby book of enfakid ) 1. BCG - ideally given at birth 2. Hepatitis B - first dose is given within 12 years of life. Hepa B birth dose may be used as the first dose in  a 3 dose primary series. Doses are given 4 weeks apart 3. Measles - in cases of outbreaks, measles vaccine may be given as early as 6months of age 4. PCV7 - (Pneumococcal conjucate vaccine)- minimum age 6weeks for PCV7 and 2 years for pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine(PPV) 5. Hepatitis A - recommended for all children aged 12months and above. the 2 dose series is given  6 months apart. 6. Rotavirus Vaccine(RV) - given as a 2-dose series. The first dose is administered from the age of 6 weeks. Interval between doses should be at least 4weeks. The second dose should not be administered later that 24 weeks of age. 7. Infl

Where to eat in Mamburao: Maru's Food Lounge

Roaming around the town of Mamburao during a quick escape last election, my neice,daughter and i ended at Maru's Food Lounge. It is located on the eastern part of the town Barangay Payompon, at the back of Payompon Elementary School almost near the beach side. As we approached the place, i am impressed by the welcoming facade that is made of corals.  We were greeted by the owner,and a good friend of mine, Elma. Then i asked her what her little lounge could offer me. And suggested their best seller Strawberry Cooler and Burger. I also ordered spaghetti for my daughter Sam. Serving time is quite a while but we passed the time by exploring the details of the place and enjoying the provincial ambiance. There is a pipe in music of jazz genre and the quality of the music is awesome (they sure invest in that acoustic speakers i guess). There is also a small stage where they have acoustic nights and videoke nights from time to time.  Then here comes our food, the spaghetti is italian based

Project KKK

Mamburao ,Occidental Mindoro is the town where i was born, i grew up, studied until high school, and most probably where i will retire. Having been in a third class municipality, most of the people are poor or lacking in financial capacity.  This year, on my 14th year of graduation from my high school, i decided to come up with a personal project of providing complete school supplies to the grade 1 pupils in the far ens barrions of Mamburao. There are 15 elementary schools in the town and i had screened to what school will be the recipient of my project. Initially, i am set to 100sets of school supplies but upon my statistics, there are 572pupils as of last school year. So i seek the help of my good-hearted friends to help me finance my project. I managed to come up with 218sets of school supplies consisting of school bag, 8notebooks, 2pad papers, 2pencils,sharpener,crayons,and eraser. 218sets is way far from 572 but its a good start to have.

Vieux Chalet Experience

Earlier today i went to the provincial tourism office of Rizal to ask for the packages that we can offer to our clients.  Upon browsing the available brochures on their office, i am so intrigued why most of their tours include a breakfast or lunch at Vieux Chalet Swiss Restaurant. So, i drive myslef to the restaurAnt but it is not an easy one. I am lost for like 3-4time before i finally got to the place. It is supper hidden but once u come in, all the efforts of losing is worth it.  Facade i arrived around 10am, no customers, and only one waiter(as i can see) is available. He immediately welcomed me and gave me a menu While waiting for my order, i roam around at took some pictures view from my table interior collection of spoons from all over the world mini bookshelf baby seat the food was served after around 15mins. Its at the right temperature and serving size. The food is so GOOD! Because the ingridients used are kostly homemade.  pasta alfredo Chocolate mocha milkshake the bill box