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DIY Paper Flower -2

DIY Paper Flower

Hotel Review: Hoang Phu Guia Hotel (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)

reception/ check in arriving early morning (2am), there were bellboys waiting outside ready to assist us on our luggages. check in was smooth. the front desk guy asked for our passport, for safekeeping, the handed us our keys and breakfast stubs. Observing the bellboys, they are wearing slippers. I'm not sure if its part of their uniform. The chairs on the reception area are arranged like a bed and a pillow is present there as well. i think its for the boys so when there are no guests, they can just jump in and snooze.  Room We are given a deluxe room. The room is just right, spacious, with 1 queen bed and one single bed, perfect for our family. there is an old fashined flat screen tv with cable. although some channels are not clear. there are mini ref with bottled water, juice and 2 cans of beer. Prices are very affordable. There are also coffee and tea stocks with water heater, cups and sauces and a tiny teaspoon. Stationaries are available for you to write in your thoughts (if y

Frozen Theme Birthday Party

This is the 6th birthday of my eldest daughter Samantha and the Dedication ceremony for my youngest Tyler Jacob (TJ). The theme chosen by my daughter is (of course) FROZEN. All the little girls loves frozen, no wonder this is the one she chose. I planned this party for like 3weeks only. Party host / magician and caterer was from the party organizer Party Wise where the owner is a good friend.

DIY Paper Bag (for give away)

Step by step tutorial on how to make your own personalized paper bag for give away on birthdays, baptismal, debut, wedding.

Traffic Violation Story

Sa tapat ng Eastwood northbound. bigla ako pinara ng mmda, Mmda: mam, beating the red light ka po, nakapula na po ang stop light. Me: ha? Asan? Red na ba? (Sabay lingon sa likod hinahanap ang stop light) Mmda: meron po dun mam, nKa red na. Patingin po ng lisensya nyo. Me: (binigay ang lisensya), hindi ba ticket lang ibibigay mo sa akin tapos sa bank na babayaran yan? Hindi kinukuha ang lisensya.

Raffle: Up for grab Brand new Samsung Smart Camera

Samsung WB150f How would you like to own this brand new smart camera from samsung worth 11,000??? With 18x zoom, 14mega pixel lens, and wifi connectivity, instatly post your crystal clear photos on your social site such as facebook or instagram. You can also edit your images right in this camera as there are preloaded effects for a more dramatic output. Its  only 190pesos per slot/number. Choose your number from 1-55.  This is how it works

4 Robinsons Malls opened its door to Comelec Registration

In order to encourage more voters to register and update their data for the May 2016 national election, The Commission on Election opened a satellite office on 4 Robinsons Malls - Galleria, Manila, Metro East and Forum. In the coming days, more Robinsons Mall will have scheduled registration for the voters.See schedule below.

2015 Philippine Public Holidays

Knowing there are 13 long weekends on 2015, there are more options to go on holidays with your family and loved ones. Even if its a local destination, out of town nearby, or a staycation, spending time out of your workzone will lessen stress and streghten family bonds.  You can contact A3 Tours and Travel for your travel needs all around the country and around the world. www.

Review: Amboy's Hometel, Batanes

During my trip to Batanes, i stayed at Amboys Hometel located 2.5km away from the town proper. The location is far but it is very peaceful as there are minimal foot traffic and noise. Amboy Hometel is an 11-room accommodation suitable for backpackers as their rates are very reasonable. Their rates starts at 2,200 that includes airport transfers and breakfast.

Project KKK Year 2

The 2nd year of my little outreach program for the 1st grade pupils of the far end barrios in Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro , Me and my sponsors Lorna Alastre Alcanices , Cherry Lou Masicat-Manalo , Artom RetiredTeachers OccidentalMindoro and A3 Tours & Travel were able to come up with 370packs of school supplies that includes bag, notebooks, papers, pencils, eraser, sharpener and crayons. Special thanks to Boe Sison for helping me do the repacking and packaging all the supplies. Richard B. Sanuco for the tarpaulin banner, tshirts and stickers.

Craft Day Saturday - Menu Board

So its saturday again and our craft for today is the menu board. It is very useful in order to plan ahead our menu for the week. And other household member can also see it so as to know what they will be expecting for breakfast and dinner. Lunch is not included as most of us are not home. Yaya and kids can just buy cooked food at the nearby carinderia.

Saturday Craft Day : Bear Pancakes

Our craft day doesnt only mean exploring  creativity thru papers, scissors and boxes, but thru foods. Last monday when i went to the grocery to buy the weekly supplies, i found this pancake mix with free shape cutter inside. I didn't hesistate to buy because i know Sam will love this. I reserved this for our saturday craft day. Sam is looking forward, as always, to saturday. More excited to craft day than any other day. And she woke up real early on saturday. ( oh how i wish she wakes up early everyday) 

Batanes Day 1

Batanes is a dream destination for me. Seeing pictures of the rolling hills, ocean views, stone houses and ivatans make me wonder when will i go to this place. Today, September 26, 2014 is the realization of my dreams. I almost didn't sleep the night before my flight. It was 3:00 am when i left the house for our 5:30am flight. I am really excited to see the land of the winds. It is around 7:00am when we arrived at Batanes airport. We were greeted with a big smile by two local's/ivatans wearing their vakul. Vakul is the head gear of old Ivatans as a shield for rain and heat of the sun. Of course, the mandatory photo op should not be missed.

2nd Antipolo Tourism Fair

Now happening at SM City Antipolo, the 2nd Antipolo Tourism Fair featuring prime establishments of the city. Notable Antipolo Tourist Destination are Antipolo Cathedral Hinulugang Taktak Falls Mystical Cave

RAFFLE: Get this Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite

Today i will start a new trend in owning your most requested gadget. The first gadget up for grab is the SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 3 LITE WIFI. Get a chance to win this for only 175pesos. This is how it works. 1. There will be 55 slots where you can reserve any number. 2. One number costs 175 pesos. You are given 2days to send the payment thru bank deposit (BDO) or LBC pera padala. After payment, please send scan copy of deposit slip or LBC proof of payment to my email If you fail to send the payment, your number will be given to other person.

Parenting: On Breastfeeding and Formula Feeding

I gave birth to my second child last July 7, 2014. I was supposedly on scheduled caesarian section by July 8 but then my little boy can't wait to come out. During the last days of my pregnancy, as i was preparing the things for my baby, i already included the breast pump and other breastfeeding(BF) because i am sure i will be breastfeeding my newborn which i wasn't able to do to my eldest. My friend joined me in a facebook group of mothers who are breastfeeding and it taught be a lot about the do's and don't about breastfeeding. Reading the mom's(and dad's) post of their BF daily journeys,  from babies latching problems, to nipple sore, to in laws, etc. This group opened my mind on how to properly provide "liquid gold" to my son. There have been numerous ways, advices, foods and gadgets to produce more milk.

Saturday Craft Day : The Minions

Its the 3rd saturday that me and my daughter are doing this craft day. Samantha is always looking forward to saturday and excited to what we are going to do next. This week, we're gonna do the minions gang made from empty tissue rolls. We had been saving our empty tissue rolls for weeks already and today we managed to keep eight of them.  The minions is one of my daughter's favorite movie and doinh this makes her really excited. What we need:

TOP 10 ; iPhone/iPad accessories you wouldnt think it exists

1.An iPhone case with built in socket for charging.   Found on

Saturday Craft Day: August 23 Snowglobe

Saturday is a fun day bonding day for me and my 5 year old daughter as i declared it as art day. I want to open her eyes on how to be creative using scraps, old toys, and anything that is readily availble in our house so as not to spend on the materials and to avoid going to the mall( which happens to be spending more anytime we go there) This week, we are about to make the easiest way to make a DIY snowglobe. We used red glitters though because thats the only available on my daughter's leftover art materials from school. Materials - glitters - used jar - old toy that will fit to the jar  - water - glue

Saturday Craft Day! Aug 2 - Big Hug

This is our first saturday craft day. We will make a big hug card. Materials - Cardboard/ specialty board papers - Pencil - scissors - crayon/ coloring pen - glue

This Kind of Guy...

A simple poem to show appreciation to my husband. The most masculine guy are daddies carrying kids on their arms

FIFA World Cup Fever, are we ready?

As the summer heat started to end in the Philippines, the FIFA world cup is just starting on the other side of the world BRAZIL. Recently, Filipinos are getting more involved in the football game with the AZKALS slowly dominating the Asian football games. But, are Filipino fans of  FIFA ready to watch it live in Brazil? I will give you some informations on how much does it cost to visit the vibrant city, including the visa requirements, and best places to visit in beetween games to maximize your trip. First of all, Brazil is a visa-free country for Filipinos. Meaning, a Philippine passort holder does not need to secure a visa when going to Brazil if he/she intended to stay in less than 90days. Second, how much is the airfare? This is the next question Filipinos will ask. On an average season, roundtrip airfare costs around US$2500-US$4000 and it usually goes up 50-100% on peak season or during festivals, and international events. Hmmm, very costly indeed. One more thing to keep i

My Pregnancy Journey : Dealing with Gestational Diabetes

Having diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes is not an easy one. I need to watch my diet, "low carbohydrates, no sugar" . Oh sugar is my life, as i cannot have a meal without a dessert. Cake, smoothies, chocolates, anything sweet. Now i have to cut all the sugar intake in order to have a healthy baby. During the first 2weeks after i was diagnosed with GD, i lost weight as i was so frustated on what to eat. Most of the foods available and the foods i like to eat has sugar content or rich in carbohydrates. But as the day goes by, and after reading lots of GD related articles, i am getting the hang of it. 

My Pregnancy Journey: The Glucometer

On my 28th week, I was requested to monitor my sugar level on a daily basis. So i bought this glucometer at watsons for php1,795 with free 25pcs strips. Additional 50pcs strips are worth 1,400 and additonal 25pcs lancets are worth php179. However if you are near Bambang area, you can buy 50pcs strips at php1,200 and 25pcs lancets at php150.

TOP 5 Beach destination in the Philippines (based on other available activities aside from swimming)

Summer is almost there and you are wondering where you wanna spend it with. So i am listing the top 5 beach destination in the country based on other available activities aside from swimming. And these are all according to my personal experiences and knowledge to the best of my ability. 1. BORACAY - This will always be the best beach to go. Not only of the powdery beach sand but for the never ending things to do.  Island hopping snorkeling Parasailing jetskiing Banana boat ride flyfishing wakeboarding water skiing zorb zipline horseback riding buggy car rental to explore the island helmet diving massage bar hopping henna tattoo hair braiding mermaid swimming lesson  Ariel's point cliff jumping 4. CEBU - The Queen City of the South, can offer not just the modern amenities of the hotels but the deepest history of the city. Island hopping snorkelling jetskiing kayaking Sto Nino de Cebu Cathedral Taoist temple Magellan'

How to distinguish number prefixes of mobile phones - Globe/TM, Smart/TnT, Sun

I have been confused on the mobile prefixes of the cellular networks because i have unlimited calls to globe only. So in order not to go beyond my plan, i have to  know most of the prefixes used by Globe and TM subscribers Do you want to know which mobile phone number belongs to which network? Below is a list of mobile number prefixes used by Globe, Smart, Sun Cellular, Red Mobile, Talk ‘N Text, and Touch Mobile. This list is useful for those who often subscribe to unlimited text or call services. 0813 Smart 0817 Globe 0905 Globe or Touch Mobile 0906 Globe or Touch Mobile 0907 Smart or Talk N Text 0908 Smart or Talk N Text 0909 Smart or Talk N Text 0910 Smart or Talk N Text 0912 Smart or Talk n Text 0915 Globe or Touch Mobile 0916 Globe or Touch Mobile 0917 Globe 09178 Globe postpaid 0918 Smart 0919 Smart or Talk n Text 0920 Smart, Talk N Text, Addict Mobile 0921 Smart or Talk N Text 0922 Sun Cellular 0923 Sun Cellular 0925 Sun Cellular 0926 Globe or Touch Mobile 0927 Globe or Touch Mo