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Choosing your travel agent

One of person's dream is to travel, and they are working their ass off just to save cash for that dream. Others are working overtime to search the most affordable, budget friendly trip of a lifetime. But what would you do, if your hard earned money will just go an irresponsible, best in sales-talk, super kind, fly-by-night travel agent? Nightmare huh? Below are some of the pointers on how you can determine legitimate travel agents. 1. They have physical office that you can do transactions with . Searching online for best travel deals require time and effort. But most of the online travel agents do not have physical office where you can visit and do face to face transactions.Having a website does not qualify you to be a legitimate travel agent. You need to have an operational office with sufficient staff to provide services to your clients. 2. They should be Accredited with Department of Tourism and "various" associations . Being accredited

Project KKK 2017 (year 5)

Conquered the flowing rivers, the bickering heat of the sun, the long winding & unending roads just to personally distribute the school supplies for the beneficiaries of Project KKK. My daughther and nieces participated without complains. This is a new experience for them that they will never forget. BENEFICIARIES 1. Puricon Minority School 2. Apis Minority School 3. Taguan Elementary School 4. Mamara Elementary School 5. Balantoy Elementary School 6. Sahing Elementary School Thank you to my generous and ever supportive donors 1. Karina Domingo  2. Shei Asinas 3. Marie Paz Laurin 4. Gina Allapitan-Leppard 5. Beth Pena 6. Lorna Alcanices 7. Arne and Boyet Sison 8. Tommy and Jonah Cruz 9. Lyndon de Dios 10. Ruth Dela Cruz Special thanks to  1. My husband Richard Sanuco for the tarp, stickers and effort. And my kids Sam,Tj, Tori. 2. My bigBro kuya Jed amd kids - Max and Yanna 3. Rubie Benosa 4. Ella Poblete 5. Katherine Vales 6. Ramon Corpuz the leads to th

How to have the "Best Trip Ever"!

It is in everyones' bucketlist to travel - whether local or abroad. Travelling is part of a persons lifestyle and a big portion of salary is being saved for this. Others are planning a year just to have the "best trip ever". Having travelled to destinations local and international, be it an official business trip, a family trip or just a weekend getaway, i learned a lot and here are my thoughts on how to make the best of your trip.  1.  Plan ahead . You dont need to be professional to make the best plan for your trip, you have to be a good researcher. To check the reviews of the place, recommendations, weather, culture, restrictions (on visa, clothes, laws, etc). If you're not in the mood for all of these, ask a travel agent. They know best 😉 2.  Allot a free day.  Many of us maximize the usual 3days 2nights weekender trip. Filling all the schedules with sightseeing tour from dusk till dawn. In reality, you are missing a lot. Cramming on tour make

Semarang: The port gateway to Borobudur

It took approximately 30 hours from port of Bali to the oort of Semarang. The voyage was smooth sailing. We were able to maximize the facilities of the ship.  Semarang is the largest city of the province of Central Java. This is the entry port to Borobodur, one of the greatest  Buddhist Temple in the world.  Land trip from the port the Magelang, the town where the temple is located is around 80 kilometers or about 2hours. We rented a taxi from the city center and the taxi driver is very kind to assist us, though he doesnt speak english very much (google translate app come in handy). Upon arrival at the site, there are different entry for local and foreigner. They have lounge for foreigner(s) plus free bottled water and/or coffee. From the lounge, we walked less than 1 km to reach the base of the temple. There were some photo stop walking around. Our guide is very much helpful in taking pictures.  The temple consists of nine stacked platforms, six square and three circular, topped by a

Project KKK 2016

"I will not stop until my last breath in helping the best way i can" The year 4 of my outreach program providing school supplies to the mangyans of Mindoro.  Thank you to the people who extended their support. Ms Catherine de Mendoza Mr Tommy and Mrs Jonah Cruz Ms Ester Won Mr Roy Ayo A3 Tours & Travel Arne Lorraine Sison There were 200kids who was blessed with the supplies. This year, it is not just grade 1 pupils but i adopted the whole school so all are happy and no jealousy with each other. click here to view pictures Please see below the link for my project KKK blogs. Year 1  http://orsakadabra.blogspot. com/2013/07/project-kkk.html? m=0 Year 2  http://orsakadabra.blogspot. com/2014/10/project-kkk-year- 2.html?m=0 Year 3 akosiorsa/albums/ 10205656025216355/?ref= bookmarks Year 4  http://orsakadabra.blogspot. com/2017/03/project-kkk-2016. html?m=0 Year 5 orsakad

What to do in Bali? (When in Bali -Day 2)

Awake early for our complimentary half day tour, we have a full day ahead. Started with a breakfast buffet, we checked out early because we will be boarding the ship by noon.  Our driver, Komang, is already waiting by the lobby.  First stop is the Water Blow. Located at Nusa Dua, this is a famous attraction especially on windy days when large waves from the Indian ocean crashes against the limestone edges on the cliff. The nature creates a massive landscape of sharpened rocks along the south eastern cliff of the peninsula. But we have no luck today, the ocean was behaved as the sleeping beauty. Along the way is the Nusa Dua Beach. A surfing haven for some surfers. Not my kind but its great anyways. The sand is yellowish and a bit coarse with some dead corals (Still better in my hometown,Tayamaan Beach)  Other pictures around the Nusa Dua Beach Second stop is at the Bali Governors Office which is adjacent to a huge park called Renon Square and at the center of the square is the Bajra Sa

What to do in Bali? (When in Bali Day 1)

Our first destination is Bali, Indonesia. We came one day ahead before we board the ship.  Arrived late afternoon, we rushed to our room and change to swimming outfit. We only have this moment to enjoy the beach and the pool.  Our hotel is located at Nusa Dua, Benoa, the beach is right outside the hotel. Most rooms have beach and pool view. By night, we had an authentic Balinese massage and foot spa by the hotel. They have exclusive couple room and huge common room for big groups. 

What to do in Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia) for 1-hour?

MV Magellan, " the ship" will dock in Kota Kinabalu Malaysia for 5hours. We have no complimentary city tour from any of our suppliers because of the limited time to coordinate.  We managed to join the free shuttle service from the port to the nearest shopping mall, and from there, we will start the journey around the place. As we go down the bus, there were people offering us a city tour at usd100 for a 3-hr tour. As travel agents, we know this is very high. So we decided to walk a little bit far to go away from those people. We found ourselves at the waterfront of the city and seen these picturesque spot.  After the picture taking, my friend is so exhausted to join me around because of the heat. so she decided to stay behind the coffee shop and I decided to explore the city.  I got a cab just outside the coffee shop and haggled a good price to show me around the city in just one hour.  First stop, Atkinson Tower, built in memory of Francis George Atkinson. it was later used

What to do in Brunei (Bandar Seri Begawan)

Brunei is a tiny country at 5,765square kilometer. Having very limited time of 7hours to explore, we have to hustle.  Upon arrival of our ship at the Muara Port, a friend is waiting who generously shared his van and (Filipino) driver  (free of charge) to tour us around.  Our first stop is at the Royal Regalia Museum which was established to commemorate the 25th year anniversary ruling of the Sultan. It houses the grand chariot that was used by the Sultan when he parade after his acceptance of the crown. There are also massive collection of royal gifts that was given by the Dignitary visitors during their visit to the country.        (Outside the Royal Regalia)     The grand Chariot Next stop is the waterfront overlooking the water village. There is an optional boat ride to the other side of the water but we opt not to go because of the limited time. Going through the tour, we passed by the Omar Ali Saufuddien mosque and take a fast photo stop just around the gates  After the City mosqu

Event Venue in Las Pinas

EVENT VENUE IN LAS PINAS 1. Casimiro Village Clubhouse (INDOOR), Casimiro Village  PHP 2,000    2. Constantine Place (OUTDOOR), BF Resort Village  PHP 5,000    3. Villa Cristina (OUTDOOR), BF Resort Village  PHP 5,000    4. Camp B (OUTDOOR), BF Resort Village  PHP 5,000    5. King Solomon's Garden (OUTDOOR), BF Resort Village  PHP 3,000-5,000    6. Kallista (INDOOR), BF Resort Village  PHP 10,000-15,000