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How to have the "Best Trip Ever"!

It is in everyones' bucketlist to travel - whether local or abroad. Travelling is part of a persons lifestyle and a big portion of salary is being saved for this. Others are planning a year just to have the "best trip ever". Having travelled to destinations local and international, be it an official business trip, a family trip or just a weekend getaway, i learned a lot and here are my thoughts on how to make the best of your trip.  1.  Plan ahead . You dont need to be professional to make the best plan for your trip, you have to be a good researcher. To check the reviews of the place, recommendations, weather, culture, restrictions (on visa, clothes, laws, etc). If you're not in the mood for all of these, ask a travel agent. They know best 😉 2.  Allot a free day.  Many of us maximize the usual 3days 2nights weekender trip. Filling all the schedules with sightseeing tour from dusk till dawn. In reality, you are missing a lot. Cramming on tour make

Semarang: The port gateway to Borobudur

It took approximately 30 hours from port of Bali to the oort of Semarang. The voyage was smooth sailing. We were able to maximize the facilities of the ship.  Semarang is the largest city of the province of Central Java. This is the entry port to Borobodur, one of the greatest  Buddhist Temple in the world.  Land trip from the port the Magelang, the town where the temple is located is around 80 kilometers or about 2hours. We rented a taxi from the city center and the taxi driver is very kind to assist us, though he doesnt speak english very much (google translate app come in handy). Upon arrival at the site, there are different entry for local and foreigner. They have lounge for foreigner(s) plus free bottled water and/or coffee. From the lounge, we walked less than 1 km to reach the base of the temple. There were some photo stop walking around. Our guide is very much helpful in taking pictures.  The temple consists of nine stacked platforms, six square and three circular, topped by a