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Choosing your travel agent

One of person's dream is to travel, and they are working their ass off just to save cash for that dream. Others are working overtime to search the most affordable, budget friendly trip of a lifetime. But what would you do, if your hard earned money will just go an irresponsible, best in sales-talk, super kind, fly-by-night travel agent? Nightmare huh? Below are some of the pointers on how you can determine legitimate travel agents. 1. They have physical office that you can do transactions with . Searching online for best travel deals require time and effort. But most of the online travel agents do not have physical office where you can visit and do face to face transactions.Having a website does not qualify you to be a legitimate travel agent. You need to have an operational office with sufficient staff to provide services to your clients. 2. They should be Accredited with Department of Tourism and "various" associations . Being accredited