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Project KKK 2019

Its the season of gift giving for Projet KKK. We want to inspire kids on the first day of school as we approach them and bring school bags, goodies and some snacks. On our 7th year, due to limited funding, time and sponsors, we only distributed 50 sets of school supplies for PURICON MINORITY SCHOOL. We also included some snacks for the kids. Project KKK year 7 May 26, 2019 When you love what you do, time and effort is always at its best. It started as a thought, how can i share and give back to my community? I had been receiving many blessings in my life (family, business, and health), and i want to return the favor to these kids who has very limited funds to sustain their education. A set of school supplies to start the school year will inspire them to study further to improve their future. We also shared some used toys and provided snacks for the kids.  "I am giving not because i have a lot, but because i know how it feels to have nothing" -or