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Project KKK 2015 (Year 3)

My outreach program is now on Year 3. Managed to come up with 200 sets of school supplies that includes 4notebooks, 2 pad papers, 2 pencils,  sharpener, ruler, crayon and bag. Thank you to all who extended their hands and supported Project KKK. To all who bought MAMBURAO TSHIRTS,and to the following who shared their blessings thru monetary donation. It doesn't matter how big or small your donations were, what matters most is the heart of this good people. A3 Tours & Travel , Lorna Alastre Alcanices , Mot Mot Cruz Trajet Tours & Travel , Jayel Cruz Lohree Rosario Andoi Cortuna Valbuena Consolacion Salvio Arne Lorraine AlcaƱices-Sison Jed Christian AlcaƱices Katherine Vales JowJow Mendoza Roy Ayo Special Thanks to Richard B. Sanuco Girlalo Pedrosa Artom RetiredTeachers OccidentalMindoro Leanna Yzadora Sanchez Alcanices Axcel Cahrl Chris Gumarang Jhay Vallestero Jeffrey Vallestero Who contributed their time and effort on the preparation and distribution of school supplies.