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Don't Complain, Be thankful you're alive.

Imagine you were born in 1900. When you're 14, World War I begins and ends when you're 18 with 22 million dead. Soon the SpanishFlu appears, killing 50 million people. And you're alive, 20 years old. When you're 29 you survive the global economiccrisis with the collapse of New York Stock Exchange, causing inflation, unemployment and famine. When you're 33 years old the nazis come to power. When you're 39, World War II begins and ends when you're 45 years old with a 60 million dead. In the Holocaust 6 million Jews die. At 52, Korean War begins. At 64, Vietnam War begins and ends when you're 75. A child born in 1985 thinks his grandparents have no idea how difficult life is. Today we have all the comforts in a new world, amid a new #pandemic. But we complain because we need to wear masks. We complain because we must stay confined to our homes where we have food, electricity, water, wifi, Netflix! None of that existed back in the day. But humanity survived