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Hotel Review: Hoang Phu Guia Hotel (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)

reception/ check in arriving early morning (2am), there were bellboys waiting outside ready to assist us on our luggages. check in was smooth. the front desk guy asked for our passport, for safekeeping, the handed us our keys and breakfast stubs. Observing the bellboys, they are wearing slippers. I'm not sure if its part of their uniform. The chairs on the reception area are arranged like a bed and a pillow is present there as well. i think its for the boys so when there are no guests, they can just jump in and snooze.  Room We are given a deluxe room. The room is just right, spacious, with 1 queen bed and one single bed, perfect for our family. there is an old fashined flat screen tv with cable. although some channels are not clear. there are mini ref with bottled water, juice and 2 cans of beer. Prices are very affordable. There are also coffee and tea stocks with water heater, cups and sauces and a tiny teaspoon. Stationaries are available for you to write in your thoughts (if y

Frozen Theme Birthday Party

This is the 6th birthday of my eldest daughter Samantha and the Dedication ceremony for my youngest Tyler Jacob (TJ). The theme chosen by my daughter is (of course) FROZEN. All the little girls loves frozen, no wonder this is the one she chose. I planned this party for like 3weeks only. Party host / magician and caterer was from the party organizer Party Wise where the owner is a good friend.

DIY Paper Bag (for give away)

Step by step tutorial on how to make your own personalized paper bag for give away on birthdays, baptismal, debut, wedding.