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My Pregnancy Journey : Dealing with Gestational Diabetes

Having diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes is not an easy one. I need to watch my diet, "low carbohydrates, no sugar" . Oh sugar is my life, as i cannot have a meal without a dessert. Cake, smoothies, chocolates, anything sweet. Now i have to cut all the sugar intake in order to have a healthy baby. During the first 2weeks after i was diagnosed with GD, i lost weight as i was so frustated on what to eat. Most of the foods available and the foods i like to eat has sugar content or rich in carbohydrates. But as the day goes by, and after reading lots of GD related articles, i am getting the hang of it. 

My Pregnancy Journey: The Glucometer

On my 28th week, I was requested to monitor my sugar level on a daily basis. So i bought this glucometer at watsons for php1,795 with free 25pcs strips. Additional 50pcs strips are worth 1,400 and additonal 25pcs lancets are worth php179. However if you are near Bambang area, you can buy 50pcs strips at php1,200 and 25pcs lancets at php150.