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Educational Tour - (CoSB-Rizal) Kinder

October 25,2013 is set to be the educational tour for the kinder(s) of College of San Benildo Rizal. Call time for the tour is 6:30am, so we arrived at the school at exactly 6:30am. Kids we're told to gather at their respective rooms first for some orientation and head count. Expected departure time is 7:00am but the group departed at around 7:30am. First itinerary is the Goldilocks decorate your cake at the Market Market branch.i don't see the logic why we need to go very far at the market market while we can do the Decorate your cake (dyc) at a nearer location for the convenience of the kids. It is a regular store by the way, not the factory. We arrived at market market mall almost 9;00am. The mall is still closed but the group is allowed to enter the premises on a special permit. We are seated fronting each other (kids fronting the parents/guardian/chaperon) so as to assist the kids easily. The kit consists of a mamon, an icing( choice of pink or blue), a topper, and a k

AUTO: Mitsubishi Mirage Sedan 2013

Released just September 2013, the freshest variant of sedan cars of mitsubishi is out in the market, the mitsubishi mirage sedan. Their first variant of the mirage is out earlier this year, the mirage hatchback. The entry level, fuel efficient car of the company. Exterior is stylish with the grill like front and a chin like front bumper. The stock mags is great looking as well. Front View Back view Stock mags The Interior Front seat view front panel the guages steering wheel with accessible radio buttons touch screen entertainment system the wide array menu of the entertainment system this monitor has built in gps suitable for Philippine roads another feature of this car is the built in USB port for your smart phones and AUX output for a more groovy music. Shifting gear - Automatic smooth shift two slots of cupholder on the middle panel the driver side door with power windows control and ample side pockets

FAMILY: How to make a 15-day Menu Planner

In this time that everything is in rush, a working mom (or dad) should maximize her/his time by planning most of what they will do. One of the most helpful thing I made on my busy day is making a menu plan. In this blog, i will share to you how to make a menu plan for a week, or a month. On my college years, (i was a Hotel & Restaurant Management graduate by the way) we are tasked to make a one-month menu! and not just a simple menu, it should have a breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner - 2 to 3 variants per meal. And it didn't stop there, it should have a recipe that is handwritten and converted into servings of 10-20-50! Anyways, what i will share to you is a simple menu planning. You should start with writing down the date of the month with the day on the side in order to determine the weekends. (i will tell you later in this blog why you need to determine weekeneds.) Then write down what meal are you planning to prepare for the family. Do you