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Increasing Sales through Online Marketing

  "Add to cart" - Isn't it a bit weird that we initially associate that phrase with online shopping rather than actual physical shopping? It's simply because it's that famous. More and more consumers continue to switch over to online shopping; given the benefit of being able to chill in the comfort of their own homes. Times have changed as new generations pick up on this new style of being a consumer. According to KPMG , this statement proves to be right as they have concluded statistically that "Generation X shops online more than baby boomers and Millenials". Diving into the bigger picture, Statista has found that a whopping 1.66 billion people shop online each year. This number may even continue to grow, leaving online marketeers an even better chance of gathering the target market they need. Starting to get a bit interested to apply it in your business? That's great! It's not yet too late to join in the fun.   How do I expand my ma

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Website Marketing for Your Business

  Here you are, stepping onto the world of Business – fairly taxing, but rewarding if successful.   You’ve designed the perfect, aesthetic logo, came up with a very catchy company name and even finished the financial plan for the business. You’re very much prepared, however, what comes next is a tricky part – marketing.   If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance that you’re pondering what marketing strategy would be wise to use in your business. Being a newly established business instills quite the caution in budgeting and investment. I mean, who would want to spend a fortune for marketing without having an assurance of what is to come from it? You wouldn’t want to waste resources, would you?  

Social Media Marketing

  The popularity of internet usage has given way to the birth of social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Around the world, there are now 4.24 billion to 4.39 billion internet users today in which 3.19 billion users are social media users. According to, In the Philippines alone there are 44 million Facebook users. Increased usage of social media has led the way in a change in how we live today. A lot of people today use social media to communicate, read the news, and share information. With these changes, it also gave way for businesses to grow using social media.   How do Social Media Marketing works? Business owners utilize Social Media their products and services on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Showcasing one’s brand on Social Media can reach a lot of people which can result in better sales and increased brand popularity which will lead to sales.   With increased product exposure, it will also attract a l

What is Website/Digital Marketing?

              What is Website/Digital Marketing?  Website/Digital Marketing is a form of advertising that is being conducted online. Business owners today invest in developing websites and internet advertising as businesses find new ways of advertising and marketing their products especially in this fast-paced society we live in today. It is a challenge for business owners today to market their products to a wider audience without exhausting traditional resources and website marketing is the way to do it.