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Saturday Craft Day: August 23 Snowglobe

Saturday is a fun day bonding day for me and my 5 year old daughter as i declared it as art day. I want to open her eyes on how to be creative using scraps, old toys, and anything that is readily availble in our house so as not to spend on the materials and to avoid going to the mall( which happens to be spending more anytime we go there) This week, we are about to make the easiest way to make a DIY snowglobe. We used red glitters though because thats the only available on my daughter's leftover art materials from school. Materials - glitters - used jar - old toy that will fit to the jar  - water - glue

Saturday Craft Day! Aug 2 - Big Hug

This is our first saturday craft day. We will make a big hug card. Materials - Cardboard/ specialty board papers - Pencil - scissors - crayon/ coloring pen - glue