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Miss World 2013 Live streaming

AUTO: Kia Forte (review)

 Today is dropped by KIA Showroom in sumulong highway Marikina. Though i don't have any plans of buying a brand new car, i did an inquiry about the features, specifications and other details about the newest car model of KIA on the sedan line. KIA Forte is a sedan passenger type car suitable for a small family or a bachelor. The model is released this year only (2013) My inspection on the unit is basically on the inside features only as i am not familiar with the engine specifications. I just inquired about the fuel consumption of the Forte, it is 12-14km/L. Fuel efficient indeed. This section of the car is one of the most important for me as it will have a long term effect on the user. The pictures on the brochures might seem exaggerated so i did an actual image of the display unit in the showroom. There are only 3 colors available - red, black, and silver  THE INTERIOR DETAILS The dashboard with LED illumination. Wiper control Steering

TECH: iOS 7 Dynamic and Still (3D) Wallpaper

Another enhancement on the iOS 7 is the wallpaper options. At first i did not notice this improvement, it is only when one time i am staring at my iPhone and while im moving it in circular motion,the image is moving. DYNAMIC When you use this wallpaper, there is a bubble constatly moving randomly around your screen on idle mode, and when you tilt the device, the bubble will follow as if it is following a fravitational pull STILL wallpaper (3D) When you choose an HD image from the default selection on your iphone, notice the image is somehow moving like a 3D image.  You can also download iOS 7 compatible HD 3D wallpaper from 3rd party apps available on appstore. I am using the wallpaper HD and quite satisfied with the selection. They have options on colors, moods, iOS 7 dedicated selection and a lot more.

TECH: Knowing the icons on the control center of iOS 7

To get you familiarize with the new face of the control center, here are some details to share with you   This is the initial view of the control center. You can view this by the gesture of swiping up. These group allows you to easily access in turning on and off the Airplane mode, wi-fi, bluetooth, Do not disturb ang lock screen. These features of the iPhone is previosly hidden in the settings menu that is why other users dont know the importance of these. The brightness option is also easily accesible on the control panel. Which is usually accesible only on iPads. Now, iPhone users on iOS 7 will be priveledged to use this control in a one swipe of the finger on the screen. These feature is not new to many, the music control. Always located on the most accesible area. The flashlight or torch is also the newest addition to the iOS 7, and is places strategically well on the control center. The clock has been moved to where people c

TECH: How to view and close the open apps on iOS 7?

To close the open app in your updated iPhone, double click the home page and all the open app will appear. Simply swipe left or right to select which app you wanted to close and swipe UPwards to close it.

TECH: iOS 7 What is airdrop?

This is one of the newest addition to the iOS7. Airdrop simply allows you to share files such as photos,videos, webpages, and more to a device with iOS7 but only on iPhone5 devices or newer, 4th gen ipad and iPad mini, and 5th gen iPod touch or newer. To share files, you dont need third party app(such as bump). All you need is a wifi or 3G/LTE connectivity to share with a friend in close proximity. To do this, open the bluetooth first, choose the file to share, then select who to share it with.  Take note that you should also have an iCloud account. And dont worry, your shared files are encrypted.

TECH: ios7 Where to find the spotlight search

Ok, so i updated to IOS 7, now what? As im learning the new phase, i was shocked that the spotlight search is missing when i swipe right on the home page. This can't be true!! Spotlight search is the most convenient way of looking for anything on my iphone. So i cram on searching and found out that it is still on iOS7 but on a different gesture. From the home button on any page, just swipe in the middle of the screen and "voila!" the spotlight search appears.      You have to swipe in the middle, not on top The spotlight search.

TRAVEL: Laguna, Villa Escudero

What comes into your mind when someboday says LAGUNA? Buko pie? enchanted kingdom? laguna lake? Last May(2013), i was with the group of travel agent who will have a familiarization tour of Laguna with side trip to Lucban, Quezon for the Pahiyas Festival. Read my blog on my Pahiyas festival experience Our first stop is Villa Escudero that is located at San Pablo, Laguna. We were greeted at the big lobby by a smiling staff and gave us welcome drinks that is cold enough to compliment for the hot weather. After the registration, we were accompanied to the resort museum. The welcoming lobby decorated with native accents that is produced in the resort The cathedral-like facade of the resort museum. The museum houses the  vast collection of antiques of the owner from their first generation. The first level consists of life-like replica of the Jesus Christ, Mother Mary and other Patron Saints that are sometimes used during feasts at the town.  Other collections are dresses/sui

TRAVEL: Pahiyas Festival 2013

Last May(2013), I was with the group of travel agents for a familiarization tour of Laguna with side trip to Quezon (Pahiyas Festival) This part, i will share to you my Pahiyas experience. We departed Manila at around 7:00am and arrived Lucban,Quezon at almost 11:00am.(regular travel time is 3hrs) This is due to the numerous fiestas happening in most towns that we passed by. Upon reaching Lucban, all four wheeled vehicles are not allowed to enter so from SLSU(Southern Luzon State University) , we walked all the way to the center of the town to experience the Pahiyas Festival . We were not disappointed, as we were welcomed by lots of "bandiretas" hanging on most road of the town. And this is not the best part yet, there is a certain alley where houses where decorated by "kiping" and locally grown vegetables.  Pahiyas festival is an annual festival that happens every month of May in commemoration to the patron saint of the farmers "San Isidro de Labrador&