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Celebrating my 30th in Boracay

30, a number that's almost getting out of the calendar and i wanted to celebrate it on a different way. As we arrived the airport around 10 in the morning for a 12nn flight, the check-in counter lady informed us that our flight to caticlan was moved to 3pm flight. So after checking in, we stepped out of the airport for newport mall to pass by the time.We had our lunch at UCC cafe. Its almost 2pm when we got back to the airport and we go directly to the boarding area. There are a lot of people, most of them are on the delayed flight. I think around 90% of the flights on that afternoon was delayed and the i can see the people were so exhausted of waiting. Around 2:30pm, the cebu pacific staff is giving away meals for the delayed flight. then comes, 3pm and there is no advise of boarding. Comes 4pm, and yet no advisory on our flight. I approached the airline staff to check on the status of our flight only to find out that our flight are cancelled and rerouted to Kalibo. estima