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50 Travel Quotes

 Since I post several travel photos and most of the time cannot think of a great caption, I always look for quotes. Its the safest and most interesting you can have. lol Wrapping up 50 of the new and inspiring quotes you can use as well. 1. Travel is the healthies addiction  

Bacolod, the city of Smiles

The City of Smiles! I had been to this place for a lot of times already and it keeps me coming back because of the people, the place and the food. Some of my favourites are napoleones, the original chicken inasal and anything in Calea (i gave a sweet tooth). Made friend with great people and the place has a lot to offer that there is always new when I come.  Below are the notable places that you would not want to miss. These are accessible and open to public.

Be Relaxed, Be Pampered at BE Resorts Bohol