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DIY Egypt Costume for kids school play

Meranti Hotel : A sneak peak

The Max's Group is venturing a new line of business with the opening of the newest hotel in Quezon City, named Meranti. A four star category hotel with world class amenities. It has a 10level Structure with almost 60 rooms. The Facade

Pinto Art Museum : The door to the artistic world

Pinto art gallery is located at the mountainous city of Antipolo. Just an hour drive from Quezon city. I am not an art fanatic, it is my curiosity about this place that brought me here. It is just a side trip because i have a business meeting around this place.  The gallery is located inside the village but you'll never get lost. There is an entry fee of 20pesos per car for non resident. After the entry gate, on the first corner to the right you will see lots of car parked along the road, then you are on the right place. Entrance fee to the gallery is 180 pesos per adult. There is a discounted price for students, senior citizen and disabled. Just don't forget to bring your ID.  Here are some of the photos i took on my 1hour journey inside.  This is the Gallery 1. Showcasing a gigantic painting. The gallery is like an auditorium, there are a lot of sitting area for observers. Gallery 2 is more about sculpturs and modern media. Gallery 3. fea

10 Reasons Travel Agents Are Better Than the Internet

While you might put travel agent right up there with VCR repair man and video store clerk on the list of jobs that have gone the way of the Yellow Pages, there's a reason you still see them wedged into strip malls between your Supermarket and the new David's Salon. Turns out that -- even in a world where everybody coordinates their own vacation plans -- travel agents account for about one-third of the travel industry's revenue. Seriously, in 2015. Who knew. Not only can they do things the Internet can't, but they also still collect a lot of their fees from vendors, which means... best part, they don't even charge you! Which is why we've compiled these 10 reasons you might want to go old-school and let a travel agent plan your next trip.