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Saturday Art day : Clay Hand Print

Found this handprint kit while looking for a toy for my daughter. I've been looking for a kit like this for quite some time and glad I found one.  This is the actual box. Php 329.75 at Toy Kingdom What's inside the box. 3packs of 100ml plaster powder 1 moulding tray 2 templates frame  1 frame stand 1 alphabet sticker 1 double suded sticky tape 1 detailed instructions I used the baby feeding bottle to measure the water.  Poured out 2 packs of plaster powder and gradually adding water little by little to control the consistency of the mixture.  When the mixture becomes smooth paste, it is ready to pour into the mould.  Have settled for 3-5mins before putting the hands to make a perfect mould. Press the hand firmly into the mould. After removing the hands, let the mould dry for 20-30minutes.  Decorate.