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2nd Antipolo Tourism Fair

Now happening at SM City Antipolo, the 2nd Antipolo Tourism Fair featuring prime establishments of the city. Notable Antipolo Tourist Destination are Antipolo Cathedral Hinulugang Taktak Falls Mystical Cave

RAFFLE: Get this Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite

Today i will start a new trend in owning your most requested gadget. The first gadget up for grab is the SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 3 LITE WIFI. Get a chance to win this for only 175pesos. This is how it works. 1. There will be 55 slots where you can reserve any number. 2. One number costs 175 pesos. You are given 2days to send the payment thru bank deposit (BDO) or LBC pera padala. After payment, please send scan copy of deposit slip or LBC proof of payment to my email If you fail to send the payment, your number will be given to other person.

Parenting: On Breastfeeding and Formula Feeding

I gave birth to my second child last July 7, 2014. I was supposedly on scheduled caesarian section by July 8 but then my little boy can't wait to come out. During the last days of my pregnancy, as i was preparing the things for my baby, i already included the breast pump and other breastfeeding(BF) because i am sure i will be breastfeeding my newborn which i wasn't able to do to my eldest. My friend joined me in a facebook group of mothers who are breastfeeding and it taught be a lot about the do's and don't about breastfeeding. Reading the mom's(and dad's) post of their BF daily journeys,  from babies latching problems, to nipple sore, to in laws, etc. This group opened my mind on how to properly provide "liquid gold" to my son. There have been numerous ways, advices, foods and gadgets to produce more milk.

Saturday Craft Day : The Minions

Its the 3rd saturday that me and my daughter are doing this craft day. Samantha is always looking forward to saturday and excited to what we are going to do next. This week, we're gonna do the minions gang made from empty tissue rolls. We had been saving our empty tissue rolls for weeks already and today we managed to keep eight of them.  The minions is one of my daughter's favorite movie and doinh this makes her really excited. What we need:

TOP 10 ; iPhone/iPad accessories you wouldnt think it exists

1.An iPhone case with built in socket for charging.   Found on